Corporate Social Responsibility and Self-image Congruence.

Corporate Social Responsibility and Self-image Congruence.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) describes the phenomena that companies integrate social and environmental concerns into their operations and management, as well as their interaction with their stakeholders on voluntary basis. Consumers are often motivated to express their own values and self-image through their purchases of goods and services. Self-image congruence refers to the alignment of consumers’ self-concept and the image projected on the consumer through association with a brand, product or a store.Consumers are growing increasingly aware of CSR practices and choose to associate themselves with brands and services aligned with their own values.

Based on the organization you have selected for your individual franchising project answer the following questions. When answering the questions please make sure you provide supporting evidence with references for each question. Your answers should be in paragraph form under a header for each topic. APA format should be used, double-spaced with cover page and work cited.

1.Employee relations: what evidence can you find that the organizations engages in socially responsible employment practices?

2.Environment and sustainability: what positive environmental policies can you point to for the organization? Do they have an explicit policy posted on outward facing media?

3.Customer relations: What do they do to tend to the customer relations? What do Yelp or Tripadvisor reveal? Include examples.

4.Community: What charitable work does the organization engage in, and is it impactful and meaningful?





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Employee relations

At Wendy’s employee culture is one of the defining factors of how investors, customers and employees view the general business. The organization’s employee relations is based on a people-first attitude in which they emphasize cordial relations and professionalism. They believe that people are the topmost priority. The organization has rolled out a bonding leave for its employees. This has been a significant step which has been added to the employee benefits program.

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