criminal justice reaction paper chapter 1

write a 2-page reaction papers.Reaction papers should not be less than 2-pages and should also not exceed 2 pages, on the chapter/s being reviewed for that specific week (note: the cover page is NOT part of the 2-page count). Include your thoughts/opinions of the specific chapter/topic and critical points in the chapter are to be summarized.For example, what are your thoughts and views on the topic presented?What critical points did the author addressed and why are they important? Do you agree with the author’s points, why or why not?

Your reaction papers must be typed, double-spaced, 12 pt. font and in Times New Roman.Please include your name and the number of chapter in your cover page.Your reaction paper must have a cover page.

this reaction paper is over chapter 1 from my textbook, ATTACHED



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Crime and Criminology

 As presented in the first chapter of the book, crime could be generally interpreted as activities whose engagement could cause displeasure to other members of the society. In my opinion, the assertion and explanation of crime as such sets precedence for understanding the entire chapter of the book and based on which one could clearly evaluate some of the activities in which he or she has engaged, and categorize them as being criminal or not. However, to fully understand crime within the context of the legal system and criminology, one would need to consider policies made in response or anticipation of criminal activities in the society.

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