critical analysis

critical analysis

Read the essay “Do video games lead to violence?“and write a 300-word critical analysis.

Analyze the article:

  • What claims does the article make?
  • What are the article’s main points?
  • What new ideas did the article introduce you to?

Respond to the article:

  • What is your response to each of the items you identified in the questions above?
    • Do you agree or disagree?
    • Why?
    • What else do you have to say about the subject?
    • What is your opinion of violence in video games?



Solution Preview

Video Games and Violence

On February 22, 2018, Susan Scutti published an article on CNN in which she delved into the relationship between video games and violence. The author’s primary objective in the article was to highlight some of the contrasting information given by people in positions of authority on the potential impact of violent video games on the audience. Consequently, the main points in the article include the positive relationship between video games and violence according to psychologists, and the results of a research that indicated the absence of any relationship between the video games and the chances of children being involved in violent activities.

(337 words)

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