What body type/types do you identify with?

What body type/types do you identify with?

2.Napoli, M. (2016). Tools for mindful living: Practicing the four-step MAC guide. Dubuque, IA: Kendall Hunt Publishing Company. Chapter 3 and 4

Module 2 Critical Thinking Workbook Discussion
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After you read through each of the assigned chapters in Tools for Mindful Living and Life by Personal Design, you will complete the Critical Thinking Workbook discussion by reflecting upon your thoughts, ideas, experiences, as well as what you have learned following the completion of the chapters/activities. You will do this by posting your initial response using the provided questions in the template below as your guide. Please see the example posted in Assignment Examples and Templates. Also check out the syllabus which goes into more detail on this assignment.

Critical Thinking Questions/Prompts for Module 2:

Tools for Mindful Living (Chapters 3 & 4)

What happens in the body physically and psychologically (emotions) when it is in sympathetic vs parasympathetic. Please be detailed in your response and use complete sentences.
Chapter 4 talks about three (3) different types of breath work – what was your favorite and why? Please use complete sentences.
Life by Personal Design: (Chapters 3 & 4)

What body type/types do you identify with? What type/types of exercises do you currently participate in or want to incorporate into your life? Please explain how you believe exercise helps both our physical and emotional health. Please use complete sentences when answering the 3 questions posed above.
Chapter 4 provides numerous tools and concepts to help with your balance of rest and relaxation. Please choose 3 concepts from the chapter and share how you will incorporate them into your life. Please use complete sentences and reference the chapter.
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Your initial post should be at least 750 words in length using Times New Roman 12 Point font (not including the questions themselves).

After completing your initial post, you must reply to two (2) of your classmate’s entries each module. Each response should be at the very least a paragraph in length (3-4 sentences).

Be thoughtful in your responses and avoid simple replies like “Well done,” or “Good job.” Discussions are meant to be conversations. “Well done” as your message in your reply does not constitute a conversation! You can comment on their evaluation of the reading (keep it positive/constructive), comment on how it applies to you personally or professionally or respond to some other aspect of their post that resonates with you.

24 points are possible for each module up to module 5 (Module 5 only has Chapter 9 & 10 in Tools for Mindful Living). 20 points for your initial post and 2 points each (4 points total) for your two required replies.


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What body type types do you identify with


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