Cryptography in Internet of Things (research paper)

Topic : Cryptography in Internet of Things

subject : cryptography

we need a reach paper for college project containing 8pages APA format, single line space ,times new roman 12 . We need a ppt of minimum 12 slides for presentation. You may use the pinpoints below or you can add your own points. Please be elaborate on the topic. Please do a plagiarism check.

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1. Security in ioT and

2.Hashing in ioT

3.Encryption in ioT

Which one is preferred for ioT?

4.Types of Cryptography in IoT

a.Quantum Cryptography

b.Lightweight Cryptography

c. Public key Cryptography

d. Eliptic Curve Cryptography

5. Securing the communication channels using cryptography methods

6. Authentication and verification of messages between devices in IOT.






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The Internet of Things is the future which will bring about various changes to the World Wide Web. The revolution will spark the rise in the number of smart homes which will feature house items which will be connected to one network. Furthermore, the revolution will lead to the development of smart cities and nuclear plants which will employ the connected devices when monitoring the radiation levels of the plants. The revolution will lead to health surveillance, animal tracking and many more. The interconnection which has been established between real-world word objects exists as per now.

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