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Saleh Alkhadir

The Lottery by Shirley Jackson Outline
 The belief system represented by Shirley Jackson is outdated. But still, the community considers these beliefs as the guidelines for their lives.
Most residents of the area are just independent and aloof and there is nothing like personal attachment. The majority of the people are not friendly and they are detached.
 The entire community is neither willing to accept as a single entity, nor as individuals. They all are following the norms and traditions blindly without any logic.
 For persecuting someone they do not need a valid reason, they just need a chance with any absurd reason.
 It is common and convenient for family members to turn against each other and to become enemies even willing to kill the other family members despite very strong family bonds.

Research questions

a. What is the set of themes that the author has addressed in the writing?
b. As a single unit what is the impact of the belief system on the community?
c. Are there any logical traditions or just cultural norms passing from one nation to another?
d. What is the importance of belief in society?
e. What really is the boundary line between a belief and a tradition?
f. Are there any moral standards in the community? Specifically, related to death?
Literature is a tool used by authors to convey messages through different writing techniques and styles. Through this writing, Shirley Jackson has tried to reflect the blind and illogical beliefs and traditions of society and their impact on the lives of people and on the progress of the community.
Research Direction
The main purpose of the author is to highlight the flaws of society living with traditions without considering the logic or rationalizing the rules. So my focus will also be on exploring the techniques used in these writings and trying to find out other similar literary works which used either the same techniques or different techniques to educate society through their writings.
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What is the set of themes that the author has addressed in the writing

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