Task 4

How do you define culture? Is it based on race? Religion? Social class, or maybe geography? There are many ways that one decides what culture is and how it can be interpreted. What are some differences between your culture and one of another group?

Read from your textbook “Chapter 8: Culture and Communication”


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Choose a culture that you regard as different from your own. Remember, you can define culture in many ways, so be open-minded and creative with your topic choice. For this week’s speech, you will create a 3-5 minute presentation that documents the characteristics, history, celebrations, etc. of another culture.

Create a file folder for this week titled with your name and Task 4.

Place the following items in the file folder:

A powerPoint presentation that you will use in this week’s lesson (please leave the PowerPoint blank at this time)
All images that you will use in your cultural communication PowerPoint
An APA formatted outline that contains (1) the introduction to your presentation, (2) events in your presentation with brief research completed, and (3) the conclusion to your presentation.
Upload your work to Moodle.

On-ground students – your assignment is due before you report to class.

Submission status
Attempt number This is attempt 1.
Submission status No attempt
Grading status Not graded
Grading criteria

Assignment Submission

The assignment was submitted as required and all pieces were of excellent quality.
The assignment was submitted as required but the outline was a bit brief and/or one other requirement was missing.
The assignment was submitted as required but the outline contained minimal information and/or two of the other requirements were missing.
A submission was uploaded to Moodle, but the outline was missing or was incomplete, and/or other required pieces were missing.
The assignment was not submitted.

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How do you define culture


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