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1) Do you think that a successful and funny show like the Simpsons here in the U.S. should be adaptable to all types of cultures and be broadcast worldwide? Explain your view.

2) Al Jean, executive producer says at the end of the article: ‘If Homer doesn’t drink beer and eat bacon and generally acts like a pig, which I guess is also against Islam, then it’s not Homer. Do you agree with this? How does this affect the overall show? Does the show truly remain The Simpsons with all of the changes and does it serve the same purpose to the viewers with all of the changes that need to be made? Is it really still the same show? Explain.

3) Give an example of another television show that would have trouble adapting to another country’s culture (tell me the actual name of the show and the culture/country that it would have trouble adapting to). Explain specifically what about the show would make it difficult to adapt to other countries and cultures and why. Be detailed and specific in your response.

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How does this affect the overall show

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