Current and Future Trends

Current and Future Trends

The final component of your course project is to prepare a 4-6 page paper.

Using scholarly research, prepare a detailed paper utilizing the knowledge you have gained regarding business combinations to predict future trends in mergers and acquisitions on a global scale over the next decade. Touch on any issue you learned that you deem significant to the issue. This paper is designed to illustrate your holistic understanding of the business combination concepts that you have covered during this course. There is no right or wrong answer. Only the demonstration of your analytic skills and your understanding of the concepts covered.

Your paper should be prepared in APA formatting style.

To view the grading criteria, click on the assignment and then “View Rubric” on the next page.




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Mergers and acquisitions involve the corporate restructuring of a company with another one large company. The merger means the coming together of two different companies to form one large company while acquisition occurs when one company buys another company, and it becomes the property of the buying company.
When a company acquires another, then the target company ceases to exist on its own and becomes part of the buying company.

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