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Various marketing strategy attributes are discussed throughout the term. Part of remaining current in business is being up to date on what’s happening in the world as it relates to your field. This assignment is designed to start you out in the course, not only thinking about what you’re going to learn this week in the course text, but also what you can learn in the real world as content relates to marketing strategies. Choose a current published article (news must be current week, the magazine must be current issue) dealing with this week’s marketing concepts (for example: marketing principles, online marketing components, using marketing to deliver value, the elements of a marketing plan, the value proposition, strategic planning, etc.). Select and analyze the article based on the criteria below. Your answer should be a minimum of 400 words, include 2 sources (in addition to your selected article) and should meet professional standards in content and writing style.

  • Summarize: Provide a quick summary of the article you selected. Make sure to include the publication, article title, date and author. If you are not able to find all four of these details, you must select another article.
  • Analyze and Reflect: Project your thoughts on the article and include how the article is relevant to this week’s course concepts. As you reflect on the article’s relevancy to the course, cite your textbook and one additional outside resource (in addition to your selected article).
  • Response: You are expected to interact and engage with your peers with 1 substantial response posting. Your response posting should be a minimum of 100 words and is due by the close of Day 7.

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