Daily writing

Daily writing

I need a page and half essay , on all readings , all together.

For each reading assigned for class, choose at least one sentence, quote, and/or idea that resonates with you and write briefly about it. This “writing briefly” could involve, for example, explaining why an idea resonates with you, how this connects to something that you are already familiar with or that has crossed your mind before, and/or what about the reading is confusing or troublesome. These are not the only ideas for writing briefly about daily readings — just a few to get you started. Also: Instead of adding blank lines between responses to different readings, use paragraph breaks or a bulleted list

Naming What We Know, Concept 3, pp. 48-58 (all sections of Concept 3)

Nah, We Straight: An Argument Against Code Switching” (Young)

Working English Through Code-Meshing” (Milson-Whyte)





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Daily writing
“Code meshing promotes linguistic democracy, as students are not called to choose but rather allowed to blend language and identities,” (Horner, B. & Kopelson, 2014, Pg. 104).
The quote resonates into my mind because of some reasons. Despite the fact that linguist has conventionally perceived code-switching as-instantaneous utilization of dual languages diversities in a single setting, teacher and philosophers in English have necessitated the basis to contend for instructing marginal learners their dialects and languages as per the setting. Those who promote code-switching, training learners to differentiate amongst school linguistic and home language depicts an answer to a tug-of-war among nonstandard and standard English languages.

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