Dealing with complexity

The final script for your production should, of course, include APA-style citations
and references. 
You may submit the assessment itself in either of two formats:

  1. Option One: Produce the video segment. You should appear as the
    correspondent, but you may enlist family and friends to play other parts.
    You might even take on distinct roles yourself, in a video “selfie” where you
    consider the alternatives accurately. Kaltura is available in the courseroom,
    but you may use any device or software of your choice, so long as you are
    able to submit the work to your instructor for assessment. See Using
    Kaltura for further information.
  2. Option Two: Produce the audio segment as you would for broadcast as a
    radio program or as a podcast. Once again, you will be the correspondent,
    but you are welcome to invite others to participate or record yourself in
    different roles. As with the video option, you may record the audio in any
    way that suits you, making sure to submit the audio file or a link to it as the
    submission for assessment.
    Include the following concepts in this assessment:
  3. Explain the selected issue you selected, with reference to practical
  4. Describe relevant contributions to the issue from at least two different
    academic disciplines.
  5. Explain at least two distinct positions on the issue, considering each fairly.
  6. Defend your own position on the issue clearly.
    Submit this assessment to your ePortfolio. 
    Your instructor may provide video feedback on your work, as well as completing
    the official scoring guide for the assessment.

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