What was progressivism in early 20th America?

What was progressivism in early 20th America?

Exam 1 Review Sheet

Fall 2020

Part II: From the Readings (20 points)

You must reference the documents in question (either by document name or authors name) and discuss them fully to receive full credit for this section.  For this exam you are responsible for chapters 1-3 of Documents in U.S. History, and Readings in U.S. History. Your response should be ¾ of a page.

  1. What was “free silver” and why did William Jennings Bryan and the People’s Party advocate for it in 1896? Provide specific examples from Bryan’s “Cross of Gold” speech and the People’s Party Platform in your essay.200words
  2. What was the Monroe Doctrine, and how was it relevant to the policies that Roosevelt proposed in his speech “The Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine,”? .200words
  3. Albert Beveridge and William Jennings Bryan had very different views on American expansion in Cuba, Hawaii and the Philippines. What were their arguments? Which was stronger and why? .200words
  4. What was the Open Door policy, as advocated by John Hay in his September 1899? How did this affect US policy abroad? .200words

Part III: Major Essay (50 points)

Make sure you address ALL aspects of the question.  Additionally, you need to write in essay form, with an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion.  Do not write one long paragraph.  Lastly, be prepared to write your essay (and IDs) in PEN, not pencil. This should be 1 and ¼ page.

  1. What were the aims of Reconstruction in the American South after the Civil War? How did these change over time? Was Reconstruction a failure? 400words
  2. How did the economic structure of the Southern United States change after the Civil War? Was the South in a colonial relationship with the North? Be sure to discuss all economic levels of American society. 400words
  3. What were some of the early challenges to industrial development? Who benefitted from this system? What were the responses of those who didn’t? 400words
  4. Why did the United States engage in military expansionism and imperialism in the late 19th-early 20th century? Where did it exert its influence and why? Use specific examples. 400words
  5. What was progressivism in early 20th America? What were its aims? Was it led by the lower classes to constrain corporations? 400words
  6. The United States claimed neutrality during WWI but was it truly neutral? What were its ultimate motivations for declaring war? 400words
  7. What did Wilson mean by calling WWI “a war for democracy”? Did Wilson’s vision for democracy abroad correlate to how democracy was being practiced within the United States? 400words


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What was progressivism in early 20th America


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