My results are very accurate with what I believe.

My results are very accurate with what I believe.

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Topic: PEW typology quiz (follow up post) kindly help reply to the post below.

Details: Hello everyone,

On my PEW quiz, I scored a “New Era enterprisers with only 11% of the public.” As I was taking my quiz, I felt that I was indifferent to different types of questions or categories. This did not surprise me to be in the middle of both of the parties making be in between Democrat and Republican. I have never been the one to be interested in politics. I never wanted to talk about it and I did not see the point in voting if so many others vote. I didnt see the difference in my vote. I have learned a lot in this class, but it didnt persuade me enough to change my views. In Cobb 2020, he stated that children almost always take the political views as their parents or whoever they grew up with. They learn from them and adapt their views. As I grew up I never really told anyone my political views becasue it did differe from my parents. Cobb also stated in his book that, in summary, one party is always trying to demonize the other. People change their views on politics every day. Over the past couple of decades, many people have dramatically changed their views and differences between both political parties (PEW, 2020).

My results are very accurate with what I believe. New era Enterprisers are socially liberal and fiscally conservative, but they are more supportive of government regulation than are other Republican-leaning groups. The typology is based on people’s responses to a set of political values across a variety of political domains (PEW, 2020)I have always thought I was a hard core republican, but now I am realizing this quiz has made me realize I am not and this is who I am.

PEW. (2020, May 27). PARTISAN ANTIPATHY: MORE INTENSE, MORE PERSONAL. Retrieved from (Links to an external site.)

Whitman Cobb, W. N. (2020). Political science today (1st ed.). Washington, DC: Sage, CQ Press.


Image preview for my results are very accurate with what I believe.

My results are very accurate with what I believe.


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