Provide a reference section at the end.


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Each person will give their 3-minute presentation (providing oral citations for 3 sources), either supporting (Pro) the government restricting sugary drinks, or opposing (Con) the government restricting sugary drinks. You will go in the order listed in this announcement. After the last person presents their position, the entire group will engage in a 12 – 15 minute dialogue, utilizing all of the skills outlined in chapter 12.

Things you’ll turn in to me:

Speaking Notes
This is what you prepare to guide you through your 3-minute presentation (similar to your speaking notes for your persuasive presentation). Email your document to me the day of your dialogue presentation. Some reminders:

Do not use complete sentences unless you are quoting from one of your three sources.
Utilize the outline format throughout.
Use in-text citations for any information you use from one of your sources.
Provide a reference section at the end.
An example of speaking notes can be found in your online textbook, after chapter 12. You may want to go back to notes you received from me on your grade for your persuasive assignment to make any improvements.

Handwritten Notes (Dialogue Notes)

These are the notes you’ll write for yourself as your classmates are speaking. Your notes should be used to help you ask clarifying questions, affirm someone’s statement, etc. After your dialogue, you’ll take a photo of your notes with your phone and submit that in Isidore in the Dialogue Assignment section.


I have attached the grading rubric so that you can see what you’ll be graded on.

The sections marked (on left) as “Initial statement” are areas where you’ll be graded on your 3-minute presentation. The sections marked (on left) as “Dialogue” are areas where you’ll be graded during the 12 – 15 minute dialogue that follows all of the 3-minute presentations.

Each dialogue will be recorded on Zoom to assist me in grading


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Provide a reference section at the end.

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