Direct Guidance Strategies


For this assignment, you will look critically at two real-world scenarios and determine which direct guidance strategies would be most appropriate to apply to the given situation. Read each of the scenarios below.

Scenario 1: Joey

Ms. Juanita is a teacher in a four-year-old preschool room. She has developed classroom rules/guidelines with her children. The rules/guidelines are reviewed each morning during circle time, and when children are having difficulty throughout the day. Most of the children are doing well adhering to the classroom rules; however, Joey is having difficulty. He constantly interrupts during circle time, and asks off-topic questions, such as, “Where do whales live?” “What time is it on the moon?” Although Ms. Juanita finds Joey’s questions interesting, this behavior does not give the other children a chance to participate in the activity. Joey’s behavior also violates the classroom rule/guideline, “Take turns.” Ms. Juanita also notices that Joey takes materials from peers during free play and tells others what to do. Ms. Juanita would like to help Joey learn how to wait his turn circle time and during free play, so other students have a turn to participate.

Scenario 2: Olivia

Mr. Jacob is a teacher in a three-year-old preschool room. He has taught the classroom rules/guidelines to the children and reviews them daily. Olivia generally follows the rules except for the rule, “Clean up after play.” Each day when Mr. Jacob announces that it is time to clean up and go outside, Olivia immediately runs to the door, leaving behind the materials she was using. Typically, Mr. Jacob has to give Olivia three reminders before she cleans up her toys, and the whole class has to wait for her to finish. Mr. Jacob would like to help Olivia learn to clean up materials with the class after free play.

The direct guidance strategies below could be applied to each scenario to assist the child with learning the appropriate behavior:

Choose two (2) of the strategies above to apply to each of the scenarios. In 2-3 pages in a Word document, address the following for each scenario:

  1. How could the educator use the two strategies over a 2-week period to teach the child appropriate behavior?
  2. What would the educator do and say?
  3. How might the child react to each strategy?
  4. What could the educator do if the strategies were unsuccessful?

Include at least one reference to a resource from this module (readings, lecture notes, and videos). Use in-text citations where appropriate. In addition to the 2-3 pages, include an APA formatted title page and a reference page.

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