Discovery Civic class

 Discovery Civic class

A research paper about a civic issue related to my class. So I chose to talk about “Sexual Assualt on College Campuses in the United States”

I almost covered everything but there is something missing which is : To explain why this problem or civic issue is important and require civic actions

Explain it In just one paragraph, the paragraph must have one or two in-text citation

-use this website to support : (or you can use something else

-the other reference that you gonna use must be a scholarly journal article, I would recommend that you use the library resource from here for the scholarly journal article,uid&profile=ehost&defaultdb=aph

Solution Preview

According to the End Rape on Campus (n.d) website, protection from rape is one of the primary responsibilities of schools, which makes the cases related to rape on campus a civic issue. The protection from discrimination and access to equal resources is one of the basic rights…

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