Explain why your ideas are significant.


Ozone Depletion: You may discuss ozone pollution but do not confuse it with the Problem of depletion; what is ozone and the ozone layer; why is the ozone layer important; causes of depletion and sources that produce the pollutants; Antarctic “hole” and why it occurs; other holes; effects of ozone depletion; solutions.


Minimum 4 Full pages
Title Page
Number pages
Double-space entire document. ( suggested)
One inch margins on all sides of paper.(suggested)
Do not justify right margin (leave edge ragged) (suggested)
Staple paper (No Binders)
Final page will be a work-cited page.
List entries alphabetically by author or if numerical citations were used,by number
Only list books that you reference in your paper
Use numbered citations in text (or MLA or other as indicated by instructor


Clearly introduce your theis.
Make sure it clearly states the purpose of your paper and some of the main points you plan to discuss.
Make sure your topic is clearly related to some aspect of the literary work you are working with and that this tie is stated in your thesis.
Your introductory paragraph needs to be more than just your thesis statement. It Should draw the reader into your paper and make him or her want to continue reading.

Conclusion :

Conclusion should be more than just a summary of your work.
Try to do more than just repeat your main ideas.
Explain why your ideas are significant.
Leave the reader with a final thought.



Paragraph only talks about one major idea.
All ideas in Paragraph support the topic sentence.

Ideas flow logically from one sentence to the next
Outside sources are worked smoothly into your text.
Good use of transitions between sentences and between Paragraphs.
Paragraphs should be in a logical order, so the reader can follow your line of reasoning.

Each topic sentence is supported and clearly explained with the use of illustration & examples.
Use MLA Format to Clearly reference Sources within your text (in-text parenthetical Citations); or other Acceptable citation methods.
Citation should be clearly lined to a work in your work cited page.
Outside Sources:

**make sure your paper does not read like a collection of other people’s ideas.it is your interpretation of their ideas which is important.**

Avoid Plagiarism:

Paraphrase and give credit through citation.
Give in-text citations whenever you use someone else’s ideas,even if they are in your own words.
Revising and Editing:

Look at your overall structure.
Is your thesis presented clearly?
Do you present enough evidence to support your thesis?
Read your whole paper to make sure each unit it is clear and coherent.
Look at each paragraph separately to make sure each unit is structured logically.
Look at individual sentences and words.
Is the sentence grammatically correct?
Does it read smoothly?
Is your wording accurate and clear?
Are you varying your word choices and your sentence structure?

Review for all possible grammatical and spelling errors.
Remember a well-researched paper which is poorly edited will not receive a good grade. Readability is just as important as the ideas you discuss and analyze.


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Explain why your ideas are significant.


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