Discussion 1

Details: Discussion 1. Use the assigned reading and the sample discussion (as a guide) to prepare your discussion.

Discussions must be 625 words minimum in length (minus copied questions, direct quote), contain specific details and demonstrate an understanding of the readings and activities through application of theories, concepts and terms.

Answer both 1a and 1b.

1a. Choose one of the 8 theoretical perspectives on the families, and explain how you might use it to understand something about life in your own family, using at least 2 concepts (define and apply, then explain). All ideas that are not your own, must be adequately cited and referenced (in-text as well as in a reference list) in the APA-style format.

1b. Do you want your family life to be similar to or different from that of your parents? In what ways?

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APA Format, 666 words
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