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Officer Bleakman has been on the police force in his city for five years. In that time, dozens of complaints have been lodged against him for harassing members of the community, particularly minorities. With the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement, the public has begun to record interactions with officers, and a video of Bleakman harassing a young Black man has surfaced on the Internet. In the video, Bleakman is clearly abusing his power and uses a racial slur when referring to the young man. Ultimately, Officer Bleakman lets him go after shoving and roughly restraining him. There appears to be no cause for the hostile interaction, and there was no report filed by Bleakman regarding the incident. You are the Chief of Police in Officer Bleakman’s force. You are aware of the history of complaints against Officer Bleakman and have seen the video of his interaction with the young Black man. Using one of the methods for problem-solving discussed in Chapter 5, evaluate how to handle this situation. Be sure to identify which approach to problem-solving you are using. Discuss the facts of this case study as it relates to each step in your selected approach. Explain what action (if any) you will take as Police Chief and why.
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