• Examine two (2) efforts at health reform in the United States that occurred during the 1900s. Determine the major political and social factors that influenced the outcomes for each. Support your rationale with specific examples of such influence.
  •  compare and contrast at least two (2) pros and cons of developing a state health insurance exchange. Speculate on which exchange you believe would be most beneficial for the majority of the insured in your state. Provide support for your rationale.




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Health Reform in the 1900s
The government and professional organizations have always played a critical role in healthcare development. Among the most significant developments of the 1900s were the creation of the National Tuberculosis Association in 1904, and the American Medical Association’s establishment of a chemistry lab in 1906. These two developments were in response to changing healthcare services in the country and improvement in organization of various professional teams, with a view of providing higher quality services to the citizens. In Particular, these developments would culminate in improved awareness about tuberculosis, 

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