“The Affordable Care Act” Please respond to the following:

  • Analyze at least two (2) new provisions to the Affordable Care Act. Interpret the implications of these new provisions for access to care for families. Provide specific examples of such implications to support your rationale.
  • Appraise the inherent impact of at least (2) Affordable Care Act quality initiatives on quality of care for both the consumer and the healthcare provider. Support your response with specific examples of the effects on both aforementioned groups.



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Analysis of the new provisions to the Affordable Care Act

            The main goal of the Affordable Care Act is to enhance provision of affordable and reliable health insurances to the people of the United States. There are new provisions to the Act which have various implications to the people of the United States. These provisions include the lowering of the initial limits used on coverage and provision of extra affordable health related plans. For instance, the Citizens are no longer denied the opportunity of relying on their health insurances for total coverage due run out of these coverages. Apparently, the health insurance coverage does not run out regardless of the amount charged from the employee.

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