Imagine you are an employee at the human service organization, HeartShare

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“HeartShare Human Services of New York nurtures and empowers children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, including Autism Spectrum Disorders, through education, life skills and vocational training, employment, residential, case management, recreational, individual and family supports, and health care services”

During a recent strategic planning process a goal was set to allow flexible work schedules for employees. Recently the president of the organization stated that flexible work schedules were to be immediately implemented.

Assume one of the roles listed and address the related questions in your discussion response. Be sure to identify your role at the beginning of your post.

Role 1: Director of Human Resources

Multiple managers have come to you with concerns over their ability to adequately staff their programs during times of need. Managers described issues with staffing the 24-hour residential program due to employees wanting to come and go as they please stating they will “get their 40 hours in”. Mangers from your vocational skills program have stated that employees are now not available during hours they most need them. Discuss how you would handle this situation.

Role 2: Manager of Developmental Disabilities Services

Your employee, Oscar, was scheduled to appear in court with his client over a guardianship issue. Oscar failed to appear with his client. When this was discussed with him, he stated that he was unable to attend due to a personal commitment and was working a “flexible” day that day. Discuss how you would handle this situation.




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Successful implementation of any organizational objectives is always dependent on the organization’s ability to use available resources to achieve such goals. However, the managers at the human services organizations currently complain about the lack of sufficient personnel

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