Discussion Board

Discussion Board

The 2 articles need to be read and then responded to according to the information provided below.

Additional articles pertaining to each week’s subject matter will be provided by your professor throughout the semester.

Post your comments about this week’s article(s) in the discussion board. Comments can include an evaluation of the content of the article(s), opinions and thoughts about the content, the sharing of related experiences, or the posting of similar articles that deal with the same issues
Comments should be thoughtful and need to be 100–200 words
Students are not required to comment every week, although it is encouraged to comment on as many as possible
To receive full credit, at least two insightful comments should be posted over the duration of the course

SCM Employment forecasted to grow 26% by 2020

Great news for your career! The Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts that employment of supply chain management professionals is expected to grow 26 percent from 2010 to 2020, faster than the average for all occupations. Read more at:

Supply Chain Management Employment Forecasted to Grow 26% by 2020

Ten Challenges for Future Leaders in Procurement

In the below blog entry, posted at Procurement Leaders, a sourcing professional shares what he perceives to be the most pressing challenges facing procurement leaders.





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Comment on Article One
The article is informative and useful especially to MBA candidates because it may enable them to choose to specialize in the area of supply chain management. The report looks at the employability of the professionals in the field is encouraging, and the people wishing to enter the field must be aware of the changes. 

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