Discussion Board #5a: Conflict Resolution

Discussion Board #5a: Conflict Resolution

Discussion Board #5a: Conflict Resolution
Collaboration across disciplines allows professionals to bring their particular expertise and experiences to influence the nature of questions and proposed solutions to priority health care issues our country is confronting. These diverse perspectives provide a fuller and more complete picture and understanding of how and where we need to improve our systems to ensure better care for all Americans.

Effective teams often cite specific characteristics that allow them to work well together. Discuss the challenges of working within an interdisciplinary team and discuss important characteristics of successful and effective interdisciplinary teams.

Use evidence to support your responses.



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Challenges working with interdisciplinary teams
Interdisciplinary teamwork is where people from different professions pull their resources and expertise together to impact on patient care. Working within an interdisciplinary team can be challenging because of the differences in opinions, knowledge, cultural background, language, and rank.

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