Which choice should he make, and why?

Assignment Overview: Kleos vs. Nostos Discussion Board Debate: Throughout the Iliad, Achilles is faced with the choice between kleos (fame) and nostos (homecoming). His views on this question change over the course of the poem. Which choice should he make, and why? Would you make the same choice yourself in similar circumstances? Defend your answer with evidence from the poem; the more specific and detailed you are, the better!. The grading rubric can be found by clicking the Grading Criteria (Rubrics) link on the left course menu, then scrolling to the Unit Two rubric section.
Homer. 2004. The Iliad. Robert Fitzgerald, trans. Farrar, Straus and Giroux.

When you do quote from the poem, make sure to cite your passage properly, by book and line numbers (so 3.174-179, for example). Don’t use page numbers, because those are going to vary between editions and translations. If you’re not using the assigned translation by Robert Fitzgerald, make sure you tell us whose translation you’re using.


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Which choice should he make and why


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