Discussion – Feeling Seen

Discussion – Feeling Seen


As mentioned numerous times in this course, we’re bombarded by advertisements in print, web, social media, television, streaming, billboards, posters, etc. We’re so used to it as adults that we often tune them out. Why? Because we know they’re trying to get us to buy something, visit a website, donate to a cause, or register for something. Some ads, though, cut through the noise and resonate with us. They stop us in our tracks and make us give them a second look. Or maybe we’ve seen the same ad every day on our way to the store, but this time, for whatever reason, we’re looking at it with new curiosity.

While it’s commonplace not to like commercials or any kinds of ads, if we’re honest with ourselves, we actually do like some of them. We might think they’re clever or visually attractive. Sometimes ads can even “make us feel seen” because the advertisers understand their target audiences on a deeper level. And, there are times when ads fall flat. We can tell the brand is trying, but it just doesn’t work.

So, with all this in mind, you need to identify two visual ads:

  1. A favorite ad of yours
  2. An ad that you feel misses the mark

Note: These must be visual ads (no radio ads). If you can find them online, include links to them in your initial post. If the ads aren’t online, take pictures of them and include them in your initial post.


In your initial post, respond to the following for BOTH ads, with detailed explanations:

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