discussion for school

discussion for school

According to our text, more than 60% of the foods found in U.S. supermarkets contain ingredients derived from genetically modified crops. However, the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) as a food source is quite controversial. Some are opposed to GMOs entirely, while some argue that there must at least be adequate labeling on food items that indicates whether a food source contains GMOs.

Read the section in your text on GMOs (pgs. 340-342) and the article below. Take a position on this issue as well as on how GMOs should or should not be labeled. Make sure that you consider the cost involved with food production as well as the ever-growing global population which needs to be fed.


(Genetically Engineered Crops Are Safe and Possibly Good for Climate Change. By Niina Heikkinen, ClimateWire on May 18, 2016)

Remember from my last assignment that you did the journal 4 chapter 1

Those are the same pages

U will find 340-342 from it



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Discussion for School
The issue of genetically modified organisms has raised various reactions among the members of the public in different parts of the world. Some are opposed to the innovation as they perceive it as unethical. On the other hand, some view it as the foundation of addressing the issue of food shortage in various nations (Niina Heikkinen, 2016).

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