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I interpret this commandment to truly mean that as human beings we are not to kill one another. I see this command as a rule given to the people in order to help govern them. I view this ideal as true for various reasons. This ideal has been taught to me by my community, both my church community as well as the community of my country. The law of the United States prohibits murder to some degree, thus I see this governmental law not to kill in correspondence with the command. I also view the words of the Bible as true because they were inspired by God. However, I understand that this was written by one of His followers to an ancient people during a troublesome time. Because I believe God’s word, I also believe that this command can be applied to life throughout time. It is for this reason I say that my view most closely aligns with the hermeneutics of philosopher Gadamer. Gandamer suggests that a true interpretation is made in regards to one’s personal experiences and community. However, he also states that true interpretation includes the modification of our interpretations based upon our consideration of the culture and experiences of the author during the time it was written. The way in which I was raised caused me to be prejudice in the way I interpret this command, but I also take into consideration the historical context of the word when it was written.

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According to the commandment, human beings are not meant to kill each other whatsoever. The commandment was established in order to govern human beings on how to live peacefully. These commandments are significant in many ways. The society has educated us…
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