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Please weigh in on each of the 3 questions related to this week’s topics. Remember to review the discussion board rubric for details about scoring. 1. Look at the Death Penalty Chart 4.2 in the text. Why do you think the results look like this? How do the positivist theories of External Restraint or Subculture of Violence theory apply? 2. After reading the article on Marital Rape (Auster, et al). How do the attitudes of the adolescents in the study reflect the Feminist Theory of Rape? What laws would you create on Marital Rape and why? 3. What are your thoughts on Female Genital Mutilation? Is this family violence or a cultural tradition? Do Americans have the right to intervene, why or why not?

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From the Death Penalty Chart 4.2 in the assigned reading, there are several reasons that could be used to explain why the chart looks like it does. One of the major reasons is due to the fact that most people in the country are aware…
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