Discussion responses Mod 8

Discussion responses Mod 8

Prevention, Intervention, Treatment

Substance abuse module8

Posted by Jaclyn

While self-help groups are successful in deterring the person away from drugs by acquainting them with others who can relate to their struggles, more professional help seems to be the most successful in terms of long-lasting effects. I believe that self-help groups are extremely important for the addict to develop meaningful relationships rather than going back to the same crowd of people. To effectively prevent further substance abuse and addiction though, professional help is needed to pinpoint WHY the addiction happened and what triggers the addict to want to use. Many times, addicts have many underlying mental illnesses or triggers that they must work through to understand what makes these triggers engage. As a society, I think we need to be more understanding about addiction and the proper course of treatment needed to rehabilitate. By being more accepting of the recovery of addicts, more people will reach out for help because they know that they are not being ostracized for their addiction.

Module 8

Healthcare Finance

Posted by Matthew O

Companies monitor and maintain any and all financial statements daily for internal and business management practices. With an overall better understanding of an organization’s financial standing companies can control cost and spending without harming the company along with providing a benefit to the company in general. All financial statements within a company are a way in which the organization records all critical activities within the organization (Kenton, 2019). Financial statements can help both internal and stakeholders to comprehend better and understand the financial quality, aspect, and health within the organization (Kenton, 2019). All financial statements benefit an organization on current, past, and future performances (Kenton, 2019). Regarding financial statements, the statements are centered around a balances sheet, an income statement, and a cash flow statement of the company (Kenton, 2019). There are three crucial techniques of a financial statement they are the horizontal analysis, vertical analysis, and ratio analysis (Kenton, 2019). Concerning a comprehensive financial statement analysis, the review uses multiple years of data to create a horizontal analysis (Kenton, 2019). With the vertical analysis, different categories influence the results (Kenton, 2019). The ratio analysis can be used to isolate performance metrics with each statement in bringing together data points across the statements collectively (Kenton, 2019). Even though a financial statement can be beneficial to an organization, there are also some issues and problems.

One of the drawbacks to relying on metrics from a financial statement analysis is that there is a lack of comparability between companies. There is a poor quality of comparison between two companies using financial ratios (Mohr, n.d.). Another drawback is that there is no indication of the cause of changes (Mohr, n.d.). With there being a no measurement of management quality, there is a lack within metrics found from a financial statement (Mohr, n.d.). And lastly, ratios found within financial statements are based on book value (Mohr, n.d.).

Financial statement analysis allows for organizations to understand how their financial health is within the organization. Even though a financial statement analysis proves to be beneficial, they can provide organizations with some drawbacks. All organizations must consider several aspects when dealing with financial analysis


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Strategic Thinking Mod 8

Posted by Michelle G

The two process that would be implemented in the HCO faciality to encourage strategic thinking are mentoring and reward. Mentoring will be needed throughout the whole process to help teach different aspect of the process and planning. Mothing quest speakers that could relate and introduce new plans and process will encourage the staff to try different plans. At these lectures blending in of the strategic plan in place will connect the dots of how to blend these ideas into daily work with the plan we already have in place. With each plan we are going to have a goal to be reached. Once that goes is reached rewards to the team to show our appreciation of the hard work and time put into the plan would be welcomed by all. This will also provide encouragement to follow the next plans and goal. Instance work knowledge combined with strategic thinking talents will build the high quality and well-rounded leaders for your organization (Asiya, Kazmi & Naaranoja, 2015).


Kazmi, S. A., & Naaranoja, M. (2015). Cultivating Strategic Thinking in Organizational Leaders by Designing Supportive Work Environment! Procedia – Social and Behavioral Sciences,181, 43-52. doi:10.1016/j.sbspro.2015.04.864

Module 8

Strategic Thinking Mod 8

Posted by Rebecca S

Strategic thinking helps provide a view for the future, to broaden the process, help encourage others, and support the decision process. While many have a clear view of where the organization is currently, the thinking process helps think of what the association will look like in the future (Harris, 2018). Strategic thinking uses the perspective to view how you think, support the process, and how do we learn. The process works best in the format of align the vision, ask questions, give it thought, create a plan, and brainstorm solutions (Jay, 2014). My first process would involve creating the concept of customizing a personalized design of products for patients. The thinking style allows for opportunities for growth within the market of creating a self-service, supporting what the customer wants, and allows for a perspective of being unique. The critical issue of many in today’s society is the image of being unique or different. My other process would surround a product focus that supports the needs of patients through a long term plan for in-home treatment. The ability is to continue to maintain the vision of patient care, but recognizes the need for the future. With patients living longer, there will be a need for services to care for these patients, and help the family while caring for their elderly family members.


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Module 8 – Future External Challenges to Health Care Organizations

Posted by Julia N

Healthcare is an ever evolving system, healthcare organizations and provider’s must constantly keep track of the changes. The recent changes made by our Medicare system are a challenge that health care organizations are being forced to deal with. They must deal with these changes head on, or else many of them can face hefty financial penalties. The Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program (HRRP) was established by the Affordable Care Act in 2012, to penalize hospital’s for patient readmission within thirty days of discharge (McIlvennan, Eapen, Allen, 2015). This is a major change within our healthcare system, and one that I believe will shift our HCO’s into a more patient centered focus instead of being profit focused. Before 2012, hospitals had little direct financial incentive to reduce readmissions (McIlvennan, Eapen, Allen, 2015). Hospitals will need to ensure that their patients are being discharged when they are absolutely ready, and that they will be receiving adequate outpatient care to prevent readmission to their facilities.


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Future External Challenges to Health Care Organizations

Posted by Melissa D

Healthcare is evolving every day and health care organizations need to be on track with the most advanced technology in order to provide high quality patient care. Healthcare for the most part has been patient centered. But sometimes it does not focus on the patients (Llopis 2016). A patient-centered care focus would require the healthcare providers to change their way of providing care to patients. They would need to give care to patients from birth to life (Llopis 2016). An external I see that could happen to healthcare organizations would be increasing patient satisfaction. This is one of the biggest issues within a healthcare organization. Health care has changed, and the focus now is to improve health outcomes and shift to value-driven care (Llopis 2016). This would allow the providers to get rewards for keeping people alive and well but keeping the costs cheap (Llopis 2016). This change can cause patient satisfaction ratings to drop as they try to seek to evolve these changes (Llopis2016). Some health care organizations are unable to provide to all patient populations, because they have been unequipped (Llopis 2016).

Llopis, G. (2016, November 25). The Biggest Issues For The Future Of Healthcare In America And What We Can Learn From Them, Part I. Retrieved July 4, 2019, from https://www.forbes.com/sites/glennllopis/2016/10/3…




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Thank you for your post Jaclyn. I also find it important that one seeks professional help in addition to working with a group of people with interest in drug use cessation. In most cases, the professional will go beyond helping the individual stop the dependence on the drugs by helping identify some of the predisposing factors that lead to drug use.

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