This final paper is intended to be both an assessment of your engagement with the material of our class and an exploration of a curriculum issue of interest to you. Curriculum, defined broadly, needs to be the center around which your analysis and theorizing revolve. Please find some time during the semester to meet with me in regards to your topic and/or progress. Papers should engage with the various ideas use them as a means of historical analysis for one of the following: o Historical figure: Students can choose a philosopher, thinker, or educator that had influence over curricular thought, theory, or development. Papers should provide a brief overview of the person’s life, but is not a biographical text. Rather, the paper should discuss the significance of the person, key concepts or ideas from her or his work, and/or her or his significance on curriculum thought today. o Curriculum: Students can examine a specific curriculum from history. The curriculum could be related directly to a subject matter, grade level, and/or school. Papers that focus on a curriculum should provide a brief overview of the curriculum and must also contain some form of analysis of this curriculum. O Event: Students can choose to focus on a specific historical event that directly impacted curriculum at the time and/or has lasting impact today¬†

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