Submit your homework for Chapter 5 to the Chapter 5 folder under Assignments by 11:59 PM October 17th. Late
submissions accepted until Oct 24th.
You should be able to open this as a Word document and add your info in the Table provided, then re-save the file for
CHAPTER FIVE – Mini Status & Role Set
Chapter five introduces us to the concepts of statuses and roles. We all OCCUPY statuses and we PLAY roles associated
with those statuses. All statuses are EITHER achieved or ascribed. The collection of statuses we occupy at the current time
is called our Status Set. Each status has several roles associated with it. A role is an expectation, obligation, right/privilege
associated with a particular status. E.g. an expectation of a student is to show up for class. LO 1, 2
 For Chapter 5, I want you to think about your own statuses and roles and identify a four of them in the chart below.
*Hint statuses are nouns and roles should be verbs/actions
 These are YOUR own actual and current statuses; I’ve seen people include: prince, doctor, and president
before which makes me wonder why they’re taking an intro level sociology class?
 Name four statuses in the far-left column, one in each box. The first row is filled in for you with the status and roles of
student to show you how it’s done. No one should use student as his/her/their own example as it’s already done.
 In the second column, you will identify whether your status is achieved or ascribed by bolding or circling the terms
already listed.
 *At least ONE of your statuses has to be ASCRIBED.
 In the remaining columns to the right of your status, you will list ONE role per box.
 You must identify at least THREE roles per status. Again, one per box.
 Each box is worth 0.5 point, for a total of 10 points for the whole chart.
 You should be able to fill in the chart below or copy and paste it into a new Word document.
 You can also delete the prompts (like status or role) in the boxes when filling them in with youown genius 

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