Diverse PerceptualResponses

Diverse Perceptual Responses

Submit the recommendation as a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation

You’re a copywriter for a major brand. Your team writes all the text that goes into advertisements, blog posts, social media, brochures, packaging, and webpages for the brand. While your job is to focus on the written content, you can’t help but think about the visuals. You know that everyone is working hard to communicate the benefits of the brand’s products and services, but it seems like some important things are being overlooked—especially in terms of diverse perceptual responses.

After sharing your concerns with the Advertising Manager, they have suggested that you prepare a presentation to help your company see how they can better focus on cultural perception, emotional response, and visual cognition.

Assessment Instructions:

First, create a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. Your presentation will need to have the slides listed below clearly labeled.

.Visually compelling title slide (one main image and the title Diverse Perceptual Responses)

.Visual Cognition: Images

.Visual Cognition: Explanation

.Cultural Perceptions: Images

.Cultural Perceptions: Explanation

.Emotional Responses: Images

.Emotional Responses: Explanation

Second, think about the types of images that will help you explain your suggestions to the team. Then, search the web for examples of the kinds of images that you have in mind.

Third, copy and paste those images, graphics, etc., into the appropriate slides of your Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. You must have at least three (3) images per slide. The images should fill up as much of the slide as possible but DON’T stretch or squish the images.

In the Explanation slides, write detailed but concise recommendations based on what the Images slides are showing. Your target audience is designers, photographers, and advertisers, so make sure your recommendations are specific.

Assessment Requirements/Submission Requirement:

Submit the recommendation as a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation.


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