DNA Replication

DNA Replication

The DNA in all of our cells is a set of instructions but like any set of instructions, it can’t actually do anything. Similar to how when you open that box containing the exercise bike you ordered online; you can read the instructions on how to assemble the bike as many times as you want, and those instructions won’t help you get in shape. You have to read the instructions and then build the bike; once it’s built, then you can use it. Similarly, once our DNA is read and the molecules or proteins that are coded for are built, then our cells can use them. This process is called the central dogma and has three key parts: DNA Replication, Transcription, and Translation.

  • In this assignment, you will write a paper describing the following processes:
    o DNA Replication
    o Transcription
    o Translation
  • The Unit 5 Activity will be very helpful in being successful with this assignment.
  • Your paper will be no less than two, no more than three pages, not including title or
    reference pages.
  • You will use intext citations and references in APA format. You may use your textbook
    and other internet resources.

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