In 250 (of your own) words or less, please make a case for or against nuclear energy.

Details: 4.5 Module #4: Nuclear Energy – Pro or Con?

Given that you all have read chapter 15 and viewed the videos I’ve posted about nuclear energy (regarding the 3-Mile Island incident and Michael Shellenberger’s talk (Links to an external site.), in particular), I imagine that you all have an opinion about whether we should embrace nuclear power as an energy source moving forward. You may have had an opinion already or have developed one through reading the text and watching the videos or even through doing additional research on your own; whatever the case, I’m curious as to your opinion about nuclear power as an energy source.

In 250 (of your own) words or less, please make a case for or against nuclear energy. Support your position with information about the advantages/disadvantages/challenges/obstacles/benefits of nuclear (in particular, it may be helpful to compare nuclear to coal, as the other energy source we’ve discussed thus far). This is a persuasive short essay; convince me one way or the other; be sure to cite evidence from the videos and the textbook that support your position.

Once you’ve asserted your point of view, you’ll have an opportunity to view those of your classmates and respond to at least two of their postings (just as we have done in prior class discussions).

Looking forward to reading your ideas, and seeing how you’ve made good use of the information sources provided in this course!


Let’s turn our attention to the other energy source addressed in this chapter – nuclear energy.

I’m certain you all can find a long list of documentaries and news segments about different nuclear reactor failures (Fukushima, Chernobyl), but I’d like to draw your attention to the one that occurred here in the United States, Three Mile Island. News reports from the time and today, as well as a compelling, short documentary from the New York Times:

News Report from the time

“The accident… fundamentally changed the nuclear power industry.”

“The cooling system broke down… some radioactive steam escaped… left the reactors operators scrambling to regain control.”

“fear the worst… the China Syndrome… the men in white lab coats were supposed to know [but were] standing there scratching their heads… shook the public.” “The first casualty of this accident may have been trust.”

“regulators… telling the public that accidents were essentially impossible.”

“it was only realized how severe [the accident] was five years later… ”

“a new wave of environmentalists” are more concerned about a “warming world… ”

Fukushima was our technology…

With awareness of such accidents in mind, quite a few prominent authorities in the energy field are encouraging the expansion of nuclear energy. Their position is that concern about climate change, and CO2 emissions warrant consideration of its expansion.

One individual that expresses that point of view is Michael Shellenberger. He has several Ted Talks on the subject, but I’ll direct you to the most recent (please note, the Ted site provides a biography for Mr. Shellenberger, where you can learn more about him).

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In 250 (of your own) words or less please make a case for or against nuclear energy.


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