What guidance does the Bible and sound thinking provide?

What guidance does the Bible and sound thinking provide?

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For this assignment, select a case from the “Decision-Making Cases” document.

After you select your case, you will need to complete the “Ethical Decision-Making” document, based on the case you select. To support your claims, perhaps consider using the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7), The Ten Commandments (Exodus 20), the book of Proverbs, or other relevant Bible passages.

APA style is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.

This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

You are required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite. Refer to the LopesWrite Technical Support articles for assistance.

Decision-Making Cases
Choose only one of the decision-making cases below to answer questions in the “Ethical Decision-Making” assignment. The questions at the end of each case are intended for you to reflect on. Do not copy the case into your assignment document.

Decisions of Life and Death
Janie is your sister’s best friend, and when Janie was a senior in high school, she fractured her neck in a diving accident. The doctors say that she is a quadriplegic–paralyzed from the shoulders down. All of Janie’s dreams for college, romance, and a meaningful life seem to be over; she cannot even take care of her own basic needs. Janie has even talked to your sister about whether it makes sense to keep on living. Knowing that you are reading the Bible for your Christian worldview class, they want to know if the Bible has anything to say about life and death issues, such as suicide and euthanasia.

After trying for many years, Ruth finally gets pregnant. A blood test confirms that her baby has Down syndrome, and her doctors suggest she abort the fetus. A child with Down syndrome would involve extra care which could continue for a lifetime. Ruth has a successful career and wants to maintain a healthy balance between her career and family. Yet she feels very uncomfortable with abortion. Knowing that you are learning about the Christian worldview, Ruth wonders what the moral response would be.

The Shirt
Edwin is a college student and has a wife and two young children. His favorite store is an online vendor that sells decent, quality clothing for college-student prices. As he looks at the page, though, he recognizes the pattern of the shirt from a documentary he saw the night before about the crowded, unsafe factories in South Asia and the children they employ. Remembering that you are in a Christian worldview class, he texts you to see if the Bible might have anything to say about buying that shirt.

College Admissions
Jess and Rebekah love their children and want their children to have whatever advantages possible. Even though their children have not really had stellar high school careers and are on a trajectory for a community college, Jess and Rebekah had hoped their children would attend Ivy League schools. Recently, Jess and Rebekah have been approached about “enhancing their children’s possibilities” on getting in to a more prestigious school. It will cost some significant money for what amounts to rigging the system. They are having second thoughts, though, and knowing that you have studied Christian worldview, are seeking your biblically based advice.

The Need to Succeed
GCU graduate Jamal is a worker at a neighborhood children’s center. He works with a very limited budget, and more children in the program means more funds from foundations. He is tempted to inflate the numbers slightly, which will possibly allow him to provide more programs for more children in the future. Remembering back to his Christian worldview class, what guidance does the Bible and sound thinking provide?

LopesWrite Interloper
Aaron is a busy college student–is there any other kind? He has work, class, and even ministry responsibilities. Late one night, feeling the pressure of all of the things he needed to do, he considers doing a “copy and paste” from some sources he is pretty sure that a plagiarism checker will not pick up. Before he goes ahead with it, he picks up his phone and texts you. How do you advise him?

The Client List
Susan has been working at an internship, and it required a confidentiality agreement when she began. It aligns with her major, she makes decent money while in school, and it could possibly lead to a career after graduation. Recently, a former coworker has suggested that she take the client list with her–Susan was responsible for gathering some of those clients in the first place–and join in a start-up. Susan remembers that you have studied Christian worldview and has invited you for coffee so that you can bring some biblical principles that might help her in deciding what to do.

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What guidance does the Bible and sound thinking provide


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