Dynamics in the Family System

Dynamics in the Family System

To prepare for this Discussion:

Consider each of the tenets of systems theory that are discussed.

Consider how the family systems theories discussed reflect the basic tenets of systems theories.

Think about how the dynamics of a family or couples system may be expressed transgenerationally, and how rules, roles, boundaries, and subsystems may manifest in transgenerational families.

Reflect on the information about family beliefs, traditions, and rituals and how these impact family rules and roles.

Consider a fictional couple or family from a book, television show, movie, or other media genre whose family dynamics and roles you can evaluate. Think about how boundaries, subsystems and supra systems, and family rules and roles are exemplified in the family or couples system you are analyzing.

Post by Day 4 a brief description of the system dynamics of a fictional family or couple from a book, television show, movie, or other media source. Be sure to identify and describe specific examples of the following dynamics in the source you choose: permeable, diffused, and/or rigid boundaries; one subsystem; one supra system; one family rule (spoken or unspoken); and one family role.

Use the REQUIRED readings listed below to complete the assignment!!!!

  • Course Text: Wetchler, J. L., & Hecker, L. L., & (Eds.). (2015). An introduction to marriage and family therapy. (2nd ed.). New York, NY: Routledge Taylor & Francis Group.
    • Chapter 2, “General Systems Theory, Cybernetics, and Family Therapy” (pp. 43-64)
    • Chapter 10, “Transgenerational Family Therapies” (pp. 319-356)
  • Course Text:Thomlison, B. (2016). Family assessment handbook: An introduction (4th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning.
    • Chapter 3, “The Family System”
    • Chapter 6, “Older Adults, Families, and Life Stressors”
    • Chapter 4, “Core Tasks of Family Assessment”
  • Article: Boss, P. G. (1980). Normative family stress: Family boundary changes across the life-span. Family Relations, 29(4), 445–450. Retrieved from the SocINDEX with Full Text database. (AN 4709049)

Article: Barnhill, L. R. (1979). Healthy family systems. The Family Coordinator, 28(1), 94-100. Retrieved from the SocINDEX with Full Text database. (AN 4698199)

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The fictional family that I identified is one that is depicted in the film Taken. The film follows the life of a retired CIA filed agent known as Bryan Mills. Throughout his life, he had been so busy with his career that eh forgot to set aside time…

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