E-Supply Chain Management 

As a Project manager what measures are you going to take for your organization under below mentioned critical questions:

Critical Question(s)

Ques-1-Looking ahead to 2022 and beyond, what does the future hold for the supply chain? (3- Marks)

Ques-2-Discuss the role of present technology and its Impact on the Leanness of E-Procurement Processes.(3- Marks)

Ques-3-Examine and Outline the major issues being faced by supply chain managers and how it affects the companies they work for. (3- Marks)

Ques-4- Discuss, Information technology offers many valuable capabilities to the enterprise, especially in E-Auction / Negotiation. (3- Marks)

Ques-5-Analyse what are the future necessities in the field of SCM4.0 applied to sustainable supply chain management. (3- Marks)

Requirements: 150-200

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