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Your topic is COVID-19 economic impact.
complete the root cause and history sections of the outline.w
Locate the argumentative research outline you started when you outlined your Environmental Scan portions of the paper.
Using that same outline that you started, fill in the outline with the content for the Root Cause and History Portions of your argumentative essay ONLY. This is Sections IIA & IIB on the outline.
Requirements: Normal

And here is the outline that you need to fill out

Here is the outline template that you have worked on previously. Now you need to fill out part II, which is the body. includes both parts A and B.

And to fill out these two-part, A and B you need to follow these instructions for the AXES below.

Here here is a sample of an AXES body paragraph:


Sample AXES Paragraph
Root Causes of the Issue: (can come before or after history section)
A: assertion: Two of the root causes of racism are that people fear competition for resources and they are socialized to think this way.
X: example/evidence #1: In Joe Schmoe’s article “Why People have Prejudices,” he argues that “when there is a limited amount of resources available, for example, jobs, those with privilege will use prejudice as a justification for why minoritized groups don’t deserve equal access to the resources” (687).
E: explanation #1: Schmoe’s argument emphasizes the relationship between fear and discrimination, arguing that fear is a source for our prejudices.
X: example/evidence #2: Another reason people may discriminate others is that they are socialized to do so. Jane Doe argues in her text, “The Implications of Socialization” that “parents’ biases toward minoritized groups tend to get passed down during the child-rearing process, and these attitudes become actualized as they mature into adults” (421).
E: explanation #2: Here, Doe articulates the process by which children learn prejudicial attitudes from their parents.
S: significance: It’s important to think about the causes of our prejudices, such as fear and socialization, so that we may begin to dismantle these phenomena in future generations.

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Your topic is COVID-19 economic impact.

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