What does Tarrow mean by political opportunity structures?

Introduction to Comparative Politics

Spring 2021

Final Exams Questions

Instruction: Answer 3 out of 5 questions. Each question carries equal marks and constitutes 30% of your overall grades for the semester. Please, be as detailed as possible.
Please, write no more than one page per question

1. This question is based on the reading by Sidney Tarrow “Political opportunities and constraints”
a. What does Tarrow mean by political opportunity structures?
b. What were the events/factors that facilitated the social mobilization that happened in the Soviet Union in the late 1980s?
c. How do these events relate to the five factors Tarrow discusses?

2. What factors can explain why countries develop and grow? Explain with one example each.

3. Compare and contrast state and market-led approaches to explain economic development and evaluate them in at least one country/region discussed in class. Are any of these approaches more likely to promote development? Why?

4. Using the theories of conflict discussed in class, compare and contrast the cases of Genocide in Rwanda and civil war in the Balkans. Which theory best explains each of these cases?

5. Explain the differences between the micro and macro theories of conflict. What is more important to explain conflict: is it people (micro) or structural factors (macro) that lead societies to be more prone to conflict?


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What does Tarrow mean by political opportunity structures


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