Describe the political, economic, and racial tensions in the United States after 1787.

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Timeline: start working on this after you finish your short essay.

Instructions: For this assignment, you will write a four to five-page essay in which you will synthesize the material that we have reviewed this semester. Essays must be written in 12 pt. Times New Roman font, double spaced, with one-inch margins. All essays must be written in standard essay format with an introduction paragraph, various body paragraphs, and a conclusion paragraph. All paragraphs need a minimum of five sentences. You will be graded on your ability to form a thesis and support it in a cohesive and logical manner. You must cite your supporting evidence (parenthetical style citations) and use the basic paragraph structure. I am looking for three pages of text. A title page and any back matter, such as endnotes or bibliography are optional but not required.
Required Source: Your source for this essay is Eric Foner’s Give Me Liberty: An American History, Vol. 1, Seagull 6 th Edition. You must use this book for this essay. Other sources will result in an essay grade of zero.

Prompt: Considering our course textbook, Give Me Liberty answer the following central question:

Describe the political, economic, and racial tensions in the United States after 1787. How did political, economic, and racial tensions divide the nation and lead to the Civil War?
When considering a possible conceptual framework to answer this central question in your essay, try to view some big ideas in terms of U.S. politics, economics, and race relations. Remember that political, economic, and racial tensions are your main points here. The historical scope or time frame for this essay is 1787 to 1860. Many specifics are available between chapters 11 and 14. You won’t be able to choose all examples that you find, so be selective and use the most significant examples that will support your thesis statement.
All essays must be uploaded to this assignment module as Word or PDF documents. Do not email your essays to us. We will not accept any essays through email. If we are unable to access your document, your essay grade will be a zero.
Citation style: At the end of a paraphrase or a “direct quote,” you must put the page number in parenthesis before the period, like this (101). This is a citation. I will look for at least three or more citations for each body paragraph. Read the five paragraph essay format instructions very carefully.

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Describe the political economic and racial tensions in the United States after 1787.


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