Explain the difference between positive and normative analysis.

1-2 Discussion: Thinking Like an Economist

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An economist plays two roles: scientist and policy advisor. As scientists, economists explain the world, and as policy advisors, they help improve the world. Because these two roles have different goals, they require different types of language. Economists as scientists make positive claims, whereas economists as policy advisors make normative claims.

In your initial post, begin by briefly introducing yourself, including your program of study and career interests. Then address the following:

Explain the difference between positive and normative analysis.
Provide an example of a normative statement or an example of a positive statement from a recent news story.
For your response posts, select two or more initial posts that contain different current news examples (normative versus positive), and contrast your example with those of your peers. What makes the examples different? How do those differences relate to the different roles that an economist plays as a scientist and policy advisor?

To complete this assignment, review the Module One Discussion Guidelines and Rubric.

Your active participation in the discussions is essential to your overall success this term. Discussion questions will help you make meaningful connections between the course content and the larger concepts of the course. These discussions give you a chance to express your own thoughts, ask questions, and gain insight from your peers and instructor.

Create one initial post and follow up with at least two response posts.

For your initial post, do the following:

Write a post of 1 to 2 paragraphs.
Complete your initial post
Consider content from other parts of the course where appropriate. Use proper citation methods for your discipline when referencing scholarly or popular sources.

For your response posts, do the following:

Reply to at least two classmates outside of your own initial post thread.
Complete your response posts
Demonstrate more depth and thought than saying things like “I agree” or “You are wrong.” Guidance is provided for you in the discussion prompt.
Module One Discussion Rubric
Criteria Proficient (100%) Needs Improvement (55%) Not Evident (0%) Value
Comprehension Develops an initial post with a point of view or idea using adequate organization and detail Develops an initial post with a point of view or idea but with some gaps in organization and detail Does not develop an initial post with an organized point of view or idea 40
Timeliness Submits initial post on time Submits initial post one day late Submits initial post two or more days late 10
Engagement Provides relevant response posts with some explanation and detail Provides somewhat relevant response posts with some explanation and detail Provides response posts that are generic with little explanation or detail 30
Writing (Mechanics) Writes posts that are easily understood using proper citation methods where applicable with few errors in citations Writes posts that are understandable using proper citation methods where applicable with a number of errors in citations Write posts that others are not able to understand and does not use proper citation methods where applicable 20
Total: 100%

Here is the start of my initial discussion:

My name is Aimee Darwin and I live in Northwest Central Florida by the Gulf of Mexico. I am married to my wonderful husband and two children under the age of seven. In our spare time, we go boating and fishing in the Gulf of Mexico. We have four dogs, five cats, and nine chicks on our property with kittens on the way. My husband and I have been landlords for over 6 years. That is why I am going after my bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Entrepreneurship. We currently own three properties and renting out two of them. We are always are on the lookout for properties.

I will need 2 responses done on classmates. I am still waiting on 1 post for a classmate. If needed I will extend my request for the discussion.

Discussion 1

Phillip Cook posted

Greetings class,

My name is Phillip Cook and I reside in South Carolina. Currently, I am enrolled in BS Operations Management. I have been in middle management for several years focused on the operations side of the business. Recently I transferred into the training and development side of the company and supervise the training for twenty facilities. I would like to advance my position with the company in the training field and require a degree to achieve this advancement.

Positive states “make a claim about how the world is” (Mankiw, 2021). This is an observation as to the current state of things that has tangible evidence to support the statement. These statements can be tested like any hypotheses and proven based on facts. Normative statements “make a claim as to how the would-be” (Mankiw, 2021). These statements are not as definitive to prove as positive statements because these statements also involve a persons’ personal beliefs (Mankiw, 2021).

An article from CNBC reported that initial jobless claims fell by 19,000 at the end of the year and that the number of people that had been drawing unemployment also fell during the same time (Inbert, 2020). This t is a positive statement. It is claiming as to the current state of the economy at the time it is being measured. The statement can be measured by quantitative data, and proven or by the information available. This statement is free from beliefs or opinions about the future state.

Inbert, F. (2020, 12 31). Weekly jobless claims fall for a second straight week. Retrieved from CNBC: https://www.cnbc.com/2020/12/31/weekly-jobless-cla…

Mankiw, N. G. (2021). Principles of Economics. Boston: Cengage Learning.

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Explain the difference between positive and normative analysis.

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