Only electronic sources are acceptable

Only electronic sources are acceptable

Your essay should be:

Two FULL pages, double-spaced (short papers will need to be re-submitted)
Times New Roman 12 point font.
Use APA format for your paper (an “abstract” is not required).
Create a reference page using APA style formatting to list all sources used.

Only electronic sources are acceptable (do not use websites that require usernames/passwords)
You must have a minimum of two websites and Wikipedia cannot be listed as one of the sources.
If a student does not meet the assignment requirements they have 10 days to resubmit.
If re-submission is not made within 10 days, a grade of 0 will be assigned. (A zero score is not a final grade, but an indication that revisions & re-submission is required)
A score of at least 12 out of 20 (60% or higher) is a requirement to complete the assignment and complete the course
Upon re-submission, the instructor will evaluate the paper and assign the appropriate grade.


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How the law will impact the Operations aspects of an organization


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