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#6 Exercise: Because students use email to communicate with other group members when they write collaboratively, your college or university would like to create a one-page handout on how to use email responsibly. Using a search engine, find three or four netiquette guides on the Internet that focus on email. Study these guides and write a one-page student guide to using email to communicate with other students. Somewhere in the guide, be sure to list the sites you studied, so that students can visit them for further information about netiquette. Read Exercise #6 on pg. 388 (the final exercise in chapter 14). Complete this exercise and, then compose an email to instructors that this handout exists, and why it may be useful for use in their classes. Part I, then, is from the text. You are creating a single page handout for students on how to use email responsibly (and effectively). Clearly, your audience is college students for this handout. You should find reliable netiquette guides online (three or four) and provide links to these guides, as well as the most useful points of information. The purpose of the handout is to highlight why these guides are useful and where students should go to access them. If you wish to use graphics or other design elements, feel free. This is not a publications design course, but feel free to create a handout that is visually interesting, as well as informative. It should not exceed a page, but it should also take up a page (or nearly). A simple list of links will not receive a passing grade! Part II is an addition to the textbook assignment–on another page (it can be part of the same document you hand in) draft an email of approximately 200-400 words to faculty members about the existence of the new handout and why it is something instructors should consider adopting their courses. Please be sure to include a subject line, a salutation, and an appropriate closing. Clearly, your audience for the email is a group of college instructors. This is a mass email, so keep that in mind, as well. (This is not an actual email, of course–assignments are simulations, remember?) You will be evaluated on the following: -Completion of both parts (the handout and the email) -Each part must focus on the assigned audience -Use of appropriate diction, catered to each audience -Clear explanations of purpose and, in the email, design -A clear list of sources used in creating the handout (not just a list of links!) -Revised for readability and, of course, proofread

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