Emphysema and physiotherapist management

we are a group of three students and we have to do this assignment and we started in introduction we will do the whole assignment but we want guidance from you we will share you what we will do and you advice as about how we can do that and give as ideas how to do what we should add what we should delete we will write and send you what we have written and you will correct but not the whole assignment no part part we will send it and waiting for your comment .

The first file is the rubric of the assignment and what we must do and I also uploaded an assignment from students in the last year they take the Same assessment but not the same title so you can understand what I mean and our title is lung e

I will tell you about the introduction that we have discussed about the ideas we will write on

1- lung anatomy 2- lung function 3- chronic obstructive lung disease cause lung emphysema is one of this disease and we will talk about causes of chronic obstructive lung disease 4- definition of lung emphysema

the introduction should be two pages

What do you think is that okay is there anything else we can add

And we have to select a title for this assignment we’re confuse about it cause we want an interesting title at the same time it should include the purpose of physical therapy with these patients how can they help them by which method so we were thinking about :

Does pulmonary rehabilitation improve patients with lung emphysema

What’ do you think? Is it okay or you have another suggestion

I will send you the introduction that we write

Our question in the body is ( dose pulmonary rehabilitation improve patient with lung emphysema)

i will send you the literature that we are working 

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