Employee Turnover Rate in Walmart: Effects and Solutions

Participate in Week 05 Discussion Week 5 – Theory as Support 300 words for the initial post, and 2 replies 100 words each. As we learned last week, using theory is important to supporting your research. It can be the framework for your research. It can be one or more of the topics covered in your literature review. It can be used to connect topics within your study. Identify the theory or theories you plan to include in your study. How do you plan to use them? In what ways will the theory or theories help support your study? This discussion is worth 25 points. Your initial post is due by Wednesday, 8 pm, and two classmates are due by Sunday, 8 pm. CDT You can choose posts to reply to for your discussion Complete the Literature Review-draft assignment – 5 pages Mini-Paper: Literature Review-draft Use the preliminary outline created earlier in the course to create a strong draft of your literature review. Remember: Use your research question(s) as the foundation. Include all topics pertinent to the study. List and cite your supporting sources. Insert meaningful transitions between topics. Include a draft summary statement that ties everything together. Use the template provided. 

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