English 124 essay

English 124 essay

I need help with my English 124 essay it’s needs to be 4 to 6 pages and I have to be in MLA format and I need it as soon as possible





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An Enemy of the People

            Social media and the use of smartphone has been on the rise in last 10 years and this has created big implications to the people born between 1995 and 2012, because this is when the social media and smartphone boom occurred. According to Jean,59 people born during this period are referred to iGen and most of their lives have been found to revolve around the various social media platforms or smartphones. The writer of the article aims to understand what makes this generation tic when it comes to smartphone use and social media use and the impact that it has in their lives.  The writer not only talks about the use of smartphone and how it has impacted this generation, but also looks at how different generations have been impacted by a number of things as they grow up.

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