English Literature

Listen to my discussion of “What Others Say” and read “The Morningside” by Tea Obreht. You
can find the story online for free from The New York Times Magazine.
Answer the following 4 questions.
Your responses are due by midnight on Thursday, September 8.
And, as always, support your answers with passages from the story.

  1. The first-person narrator (whose name is never revealed to us) says, “For years, that
    moment, known only to the three of us, was the first thing I thought about as I lay in the
    dark. I was certain I would revisit it every day of my life” (121).
    What “moment” is the narrator talking about?
    Why does he keep revisiting it?
    And ultimately, why does he stop?
  2. What is Ena’s secret that Bezi knows?
    Why does Ena “help” at the end of the story?
  3. So much of this story is about what is true and what is not. So, are the dogs Bezi’s
    brothers or not? Explain.
  4. “The Morningside” is about a place memorable to the narrator when he was young. What
    is a memorable place from your past? Describe the place. And in part of your description
    use the sense of smell, taste, or touch. Why is this place memorable to you?

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