English Question

English Question

After you’ve decided on a subject, make sure you know exactly what side you’d like to take. (Are you for or against this thing? If you’re arguing that something is better than something else, why is that so? If you’re arguing that something should be different, how so? Etc.)

This time, incorporating outside research and properly crediting sources (both within the essay itself and on a Works Cited page) is going to be of paramount importance. You will be required to incorporate at least 5 outside sources. What types of sources these are (books, articles, etc.) is up to you, but at least 3 of your sources must be found through the Library Website! The other 2 may be found elsewhere, but they should still be credible sources of information. (To get an idea of what’s credible and what’s not, check out the PDF, “How Do I Know if a Source is Credible?”

My grading of your argument itself will be very much like it was with the Argument Essay. The major difference will be that this time, I will also be closely examining your use of MLA in-text citations, as well as your Works Cited page.

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